Getting Started with Online Marketing Services

You can say that pretty much every business aspires for growth and online marketing is one of the best strategies to achieve that goal. When you decide to sign up for online marketing services from Evans Design & Marketing, here’s what you can expect:

Initial Consultation

Our professional consultant will take note of your goals, the results you expect from your online marketing services campaign, and which services interest you. We will also analyze your current online presence, study your industry and competitors, and determine how you can achieve your goals.

We will then draft a proposal that outlines your options and suggests how long the campaign should run. We have affordable service packages developed to fit most company budgets. Ultimately, we will let you decide on the services to get and the duration of your contract.

Quality Assurance

We are proud and always stand by the quality of our work. Our web and online marketing specialists continuously sharpen their skills and keep up with industry developments, so we can execute the best available strategies for your business. You can also look at our portfolio and past clients to see the caliber of services we provide.

Prioritizing Your Needs

Throughout our partnership, we aim to ensure a pleasant experience for you. We understand the demands of a successful business and do our best to require the least amount of time from your busy schedule. If you feel more comfortable in being hands-on with your campaign, we will certainly encourage you to do so and will provide guidance and support as needed. We can also hold regular update sessions that you can do from the comfort of your office or home if you want to be more involved in your campaign.

Transparent Results

Most importantly, we let you see the results of your investment with your own personal dashboard portal available 24 hours a day. Lead tracking and comprehensive analytics are available at all times for full transparency and successful results. In addition, we check back with you regularly and issue weekly and monthly reports regarding the progress of your campaign. That way, you can see how well our strategies are working, how they’re affecting your ROI bottom line, and what results you can enjoy when you continue working with us.

Learn more about our online marketing services or contact us for your consultation.