Local Online Marketing: How to Stay in the Loop with Us

At Evans Design & Marketing, we value communication immensely. We underscore the importance of efficient communication.  Our aim is for everyone on our team to work together effectively and keep you up to date on your local online marketing campaign and design needs.

We know you need to be well-informed regarding any task, data, or plan that has a direct impact on your investments or revenue. To this end, we strive to keep you updated on the status of your campaign, as well as our latest services and industry trends that can influence the success of your online marketing campaign.

At Evans Design & Marketing, we also provide relevant information and updates that can benefit your company. Want to stay in the loop with us? Here are three ways how.

Tune in to our blog.

We maintain an updated blog with the latest news and information articles that are relevant to local online marketing. Aside from the services we offer, you can refer to these blog posts as you navigate your way through the online marketing landscape. We’ll make the concepts much easier to understand so you can be more involved or simply be in the know as regards your online marketing strategies.

Follow us on social media.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, add us to your Google+ circles, or browse our YouTube channel so you can receive correspondences and take advantage of our offers.

Sign up for our newsletter.

Join our newsletter mailing list through our website so you can receive email blasts and announcements of our service updates.

Aside from these channels, you can also reach Evans Design & Marketing through email or by phone. Send in your inquiries and feedback through our contact us page, or call 240-770-3072 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 pm EST for faster transactions.

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